Opera Presto was the greatest

In our times, the ramblings of the minimalists are of being overwhelmed by a less of an Emacs-like browser with the name ‘Vivaldi’. These minimalists stress that a browser is limited to a set of tasks or should I put it simply; displaying a webpage on the internet. They call Vivaldi’s inheritance ‘gimmicky’, unnecessary and all sorts of modern anti-hype culture speech if you will. The minimalists surely have their say but what if there is no end to innovation? Meet Presto Opera 12.18, the browOS (Browser+OS) , window manager, email client, note taker and too much more.

Can you believe that at a time when onetabbers were crawling the web with their caveman browsers (Internet Explorer ofcourse), Opera fans were enjoying what we may take for granted in a time when all most people knew about a web browser is Internet Explorer with the lucky ones having to have interacted with Firefox. The future of web browsing was on their hands and that would be unfortunately taken away due to disconnect between Opera Software and their customers, especially their diehard fans. Opera seems to have been on the high end of browser technology at the days of version 12.18 and surely lightyears ahead of its time. It was simply BETTER, but may have not have been as fast as IE. But what most unique feature did Opera possess that made it stand out?

Dynamic tiling

You see that? You see that? And it’s way better than Vivaldi’s tiling. Seriously. When you press the tile button found on the main bar, it automatically tiles ALL tab bars like some Linux/UNIX tiling Window manager. If you close one of these tabs and press the tile button again, the tabs retile as if it was the Hyprland of browsers, something Vivaldi is yet to acheive even though it has the best tab management of all browsers in the universe. The only problem is there is no untile option when you rightclick. This was most shocking to find a browser of this kind. It’s the browser from the future-past. And this browser can tiling any amount of tabs with the tab bar on the right or left. Yes, that’s right. You can put your tabs wherever you want. The customizability is insane, even for an average Vivaldi user. And we’re talking about 2011. We are in 2024 for goodness sake and no browser beats this browser’s feature set.

Tab Cascading

god mode initiated. Infinity stones set in place. THIS IS PRESTO OPERA!!! If you are familiar with Windows Vista’s task view/switcher, then this is close but you can’t switch tabs the vista way although you can press them manually to move from tab to tab and they float around as if they are using a floating window manager. But still, tell me which other browser does this. Which one? Not even Vivaldi. Not even it’s heir, the great Vivaldi. “That’s gimmicky Kjala 🤓”, someone may interject. But you don’t get it. This browser was made for use by forces beyond our world. (Even Wikipedia states “The ECMAScript engines used with Opera have been named after ancient and traditional writing scripts, including undeciphered Linear A, Ancient Greek Linear B, Runic Futhark, and Javanese Carakan.”) In all seriousness, when the world of browsers was only filled with blandness and repetitiveness, Presto Opera was the resistance. Sadly, Presto is gone and to use it in current day would be a security risk that is not worth it.

Turbo mode

The famous turbo mode that was friend to the part of the world where internet was as new as the latest born baby. While I may be too late to the party having only entered the Vivaldiverse months ago, I’m pretty sure there is a good reason why Vivaldians from old Opera keep requesting for this feature.


While the demise of Presto Opera is no small issue and it may seem a bit of ,um… what do you call when someone keeps whining about a gone loved-one or lover even after entering a new relationship?, we could always bring good times back. It’s not all gone until we force it to. The current situation shows what the famed chrome web store truly is. Google can even go on with a manifest v4 and do it the google way. They can entrashify Chromium as is the order of the day for corpos in 2024 going forward. Then we will see how it goes for Vivaldi. But I don’t know. I can only wait and see. But even with blink there are no horizons. Vivaldi Technologies will set those horizons themselves. Thank goodness they are more in touch with the community more than most of their competitors (Moz(REDACTED)). This has been Kjala, signing off.

Hey, I got a shell and this is what it’s about.

Greetings. It’s Kjala and this is my shell. There arise times when we have aha moments and so I have mine. And what better way to release them than a blog. Which is exactly Vivaldi, the greatest chromium browser in the galaxy, has provided us. You know, it’s not usual for you dear reader to find yourself wandering around a browser’s sites this way. Most browsers will just give you link ads, a website to find their product and an executable. But Kjala, the others have forums, someone may interject. Ever heard of another with personal websites? Me neither. The exclusive pride of being a Vivaldian that is. (By the way, Vivaldi is better! IT’S BETTER!)

In this blog, I’ll delve into topics such as customization, tech, browsers and other nerdy stuff that that strikes my passion for them. My main goals is for No 1. To get the perfect browser setup No. 2. To become a better writer, especially online writer. No 3. Well, to express the significance of this feature your favourite youtuber will toss under the foot.