Hey, I got a shell and this is what it’s about.

Greetings. It’s Kjala and this is my shell. There arise times when we have aha moments and so I have mine. And what better way to release them than a blog. Which is exactly Vivaldi, the greatest chromium browser in the galaxy, has provided us. You know, it’s not usual for you dear reader to find yourself wandering around a browser’s sites this way. Most browsers will just give you link ads, a website to find their product and an executable. But Kjala, the others have forums, someone may interject. Ever heard of another with personal websites? Me neither. The exclusive pride of being a Vivaldian that is. (By the way, Vivaldi is better! IT’S BETTER!)

In this blog, I’ll delve into topics such as customization, tech, browsers and other nerdy stuff that that strikes my passion for them. My main goals is for No 1. To get the perfect browser setup No. 2. To become a better writer, especially online writer. No 3. Well, to express the significance of this feature your favourite youtuber will toss under the foot.